Our Projects

Here are a few of our current ongoing & completed projects. Click each project below to learn more.

Project 1: Westchester Prehab Project 
Project 2: Dutchess County Rehab Project

Putnam Valley, NY Rehab Project

Exterior – Before Photo
Exterior – After Photo
Interior – Before Photo

Interior – After Photo

Buchanan, NY Prehab Project # 1

Project    Project


Buchanan, NY Prehab Project # 2 (Video)


We’re Looking For Partners On Our Next Projects.

At Steward Holdings we’re growing and always looking for our next profitable real estate projects.  If you’re interested in partnering on a project with us, connect with us by clicking the button below to go to our Contact page.  We’re currently looking to work with people who…

  • Have properties that they want to co-develop with us into performing assets
  • Want to participate in real estate projects with us as passive cash partners
  • Want to sell us their property at a fair price

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